Aug 23 Webinar「 A proposal to better Japan’s Development Assistance for Health in Africa」

Aug 23 TICAD8 Offical Side Webinar

TICAD8 Offical Side Webinar

「Is Community there? A proposal to better Japan’s Development Assistance for Health in Africa」

【Date】:Aug 23 JST 19:00-21:00 (EAT13:00-15:00, GMT10:00-12:00)
Online webinar
【Organizers】:Africa Japan Forum (AJF, Japan), Eastern Africa National Networks of AIDS and Health Service Organizations (EANNASO Tanzania), Réseau d’Accès aux Médicaments Essentiels(RAME, Burkina Faso)
【Contacts】:Africa Japan Forum
Maruko-building 3F1-20-6 Higashi-UenoTaito-ku Tokyo, Japan


<Program>120 minutes
Language: English with English-Japanese & English-French translation

  • 「A joint survey and /proposal to better Japan’s Development Assistance for Health in Africa」 by AJF (25 min)
  •  Reports from EANNASO and RAME(20 min)
  • Feedbacks from Anglo and Francophone Africa NGO representatives(20min)
  • UHC and Community Health strengthening in Africa by WACi Health(10min)
  • Views from academics(10 min)
  • Panel discussion, Q&A(25 min)


  • Japan is one of the leading countries in global health. The contributions include establishment of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria in the 2000s and mainstreaming of ‘Universal Health Coverage’ (UHC) since the 2010s. On the other hand, whether Japan’s bilateral aid in the health sector contributes enough to the health work at the grassroots level in Africa needs scrutiny.
  • Africa Japan Forum conducted a questionnaire and interview survey between April and July 2022 together with civil society networks working on AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria in Africa and on health system strengthening at the grassroots level. The survey, which received 105 responses from 31 countries, revealed that Japanese bilateral health assistance to Africa has contributed to a certain extent to strengthening public health systems, mainly at the governmental level. However, there is a lack of support for community and civil society organizations working on healthcare activities particularly in vulnerable situations/environments, except for some “priority countries” designated by the government. Civil society organizations are keen to engage in constructive dialogue and cooperation with Japanese aid agencies and diplomatic missions.(Survey Report>>
  • Let us listen to the voices from civil society organization working in Africa and have a dialogue about how Japanese ODA should contribute to the achievement of “nobody left behind” UHC in Africa. Please join us for this webinar!



ローズマリーさん Rosemary Mburu(WACi Health, Executive Director)
Ms Mburu is a global health advocate and civil society leader in Africa working to create political will for improved health outcomes in Africa. Her areas of expertise include policy analysis; building political support for health outcomes; influencing decision making processes; mobilizing civil society and community voices for action; and promoting good participatory practice in clinical trials.

オネスマス・ムレワ・カラマさんOnesmus Mlewa Kalama
(EANNASO Acting Executive Director)
A leading CRG advocate in Eastern Africa who coordinated the development of the first Harm Reduction Regional Policy in East Africa and supports the coordination of EAC regional health advocacy efforts.  A member of GFAN Africa that supports advocacy efforts towards increased resources for HIV, TB and Malaria and a life competency coach under the AIDS Competence global movement.

Ida SavadogoさんIda Savadogo
(RAME, Project Manager of Francophone Africa regional platform for coordination and communication of civil society and the Global Fund community)
She has a rich professional experience in international organizations, such as the World Health Organization (WHO) in Burkina Faso where she worked for a decade at the African Program for Onchocerciasis Control (APOC) and also at the European Union Delegation in Burkina Faso, before joining RAME as Coordinator of the Global Fund’s Francophone Africa Regional Platform. Ida is passionate about public relations and communication and is a strong advocate for the fight against disease, including HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria.

小泉尊聖Takakiyo Koizumi(AJF, Global Health project coordinator)
Peacebuilding practitioner. After having worked for the UN, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of japan, JICA, NATO, etc., he is currently involved in advocacy for peace as citizen, grassroots peace studies and SDGs, and has been with AJF since 2022, exploreing the potential of transnational civil societies.

※You can watch the webinar video below.