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>>日本政府への要望書 PDF [601KB]


Please Sign on the Statement!!
The Request to the Government of Japan: Support the Waiver of Intellectual Property Rights on COVID-19

The situation of COVID-19 has been more serious globally, especially in the Global South, due to the emergence of highly infectious mutants.

In response to the growing seriousness of COVID-19, the US government announced on May 5 that it supports the proposal submitted to the World Trade Organization (WTO) for a waiver of intellectual property rights related to COVID-19. EU and others are also reviewing their position on this proposal.

In response to this situation, “Equal Health and Medical Access on COVID-19 for All! Japan Network” issued a new statement of request to the Government of Japan to support the waiver of intellectual property rights on COVID-19, and started calling for civil society organizations to sign on the statement on May 14. We ask all of the colleagues of civil society worldwide to sign on the petition letter.

The first deadline: 11:59 PM, 23rd May, 2021

日本政府への要望書(英語版)The PDF file of the text can be downloaded here.
>>Request for GOJ on IP Waiver PDF[147KB]

The Letter was submitted to the Government of Japan on June 4, 2021.
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