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Who we are

Our Beginning:

Symposium “Solidarity with South Africa” in 1994
Symposium “Solidarity with South Africa” in 1994

Africa Japan Forum (AJF) was established in 1994, following the first Tokyo International Conference on African Development held in the previous year to create a partnership with people of Africa based on the mutual agenda/purpose to alleviate the political, economic and social challenges as well as environmental degradation of Africa through support and cooperation.


(1)To establish equal partnerships with the people of Africa
(2)To organize networks of those involved in Africa-related activities
(3)To promote activities related to Africa and to provide opportunities to learn about and from the people in Africa
(4)To critically analyze Japan’s and global politics and economy, as well as our lifestyles that have significant impact on the people of Africa and take a step to tackle the challenges


To achieve these objectives, AJF carries out following activities:
(1) Provide information, publicity, consulting and other means of support for people and organizations who seek to work in the alleviation of challenges and difficulties in Africa
(2) Increase network and cooperation among NGOs in Africa or involved in Africa related issues
(3) Through information gathering and dissemination and participation in national and international meetings, works to create, advocate and campaign for policies for a sustainable Africa. AJF works to coordinate Japanese civil society organizations in addressing issues and policies related to Africa
(4) Increasing fair and unbiased knowledge/understanding of Africa through holding of seminars, providing publications, and using web sites
(5) Holding events to increase understanding of cultures and issues of Africa and with African communities to discuss issues related to their experience in Japan or country of origin


Tsuyama Naoko, Tamai Takashi