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Tanzanian comtenporary art・
Tingatinga-like painting lecture: let's make summar-greeting cards!

African Kids Club is a project with the aim to encourange communication among Africa-related families or people in Japan who have interest in African culture.

August 5th, 2012 in Yotsuya Hiroba...

This time, we welcome a lecture Mayuko Inoue who has researched on Tinga Tinga (Tanzanian contemporary art). Let's experience Tingatinga-like painting (ぬりえ) with colour pens, together with kids friends and parents. At the same time the event will contain a lecture for adults.

You will also draw Tingatinga picture in small card size so that you can mail them by pasting them on cards, when you are back home.

Additionally, the lecturer will offer information of life in Africa, particurarly Tanzania.
We are preparing Tanzanian drinks and sweats. Let's make nice memory of summar vacation.

※Reservation form is open at the very below.

Mayuko Inoue(いのうえ まゆこ)
In her master she researched on Souveniour makers in Zanzibar, Tanzania. At that time she became a deciple in the famous Tingatinga art factory and acquired the skill. Nowadays she has many activities to introduce Tanzanian culture.

NPO Afric Africa staff

download: a report of 2009-2010 of African Kids Club
pdf file(size 2.5 M)


Tanzanian Contemporary Art: Tingatinga lecture

  • Date:August 5th, 2012(Sun) 13:30−16:15(open 13:10)
    (The place will be open until 17:00 so that participants enjoy chatting even after the event.)
  • Place:Yotsuya Park, Building-B 3F, Tamokuteki-hall(inside Toy musium)
    • Address:Yotsuya 4-20, Shinjuku
    • Access:
      Transportation:Tokyo metro, Marunouchi-line, Yotsuya-3 chome station Exit1 (it takes around 7 mins if you are with children) *no elevator in the station
      *staffs in the station will help people with a whale chair or a buggy (stroller)
      *the detail is here below. http://goodtoy.org/ttm/guide/access.html
      ※no parking area
  • limit:15 families and 15 supporters
    ※Reservation:The form at the very below, call or e-mails

    ※Anyone with interest in African culture can participate!
  • Fee:one adult&one child \800(including insurance), an adult \800
    ※The more the number of children is added, more \200 is needed.
  • bring:clothes for sports (not very-good-dressing because you might make them get painted), towels, plastic caps (for eco use!)
  • Cordinator:NGO Africa Japan Forum - African Kids Club & Africa Shinjuku Club
  • Contact:Africa Japan Forum - Saito & Wada

    ★Reserve (families and general):http://linktraq.net/7dn

  • 【We need the voluntary supporters!】

    The detail of how you can support will be sent to you after reservation.
    Support only on the day or even to cooperate for preparation before the day is welcomed.

    ★Reserve (supporters):



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