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African Kids Club - The group of thinking the life of African families in Japan:New Residential System 〜Consultation seminar with a Lawyer〜

※This event will be in Japanese language (some support of English and Swahili)

On 9th July, 2012, The new residential system has started.

In the course this time, a lawyer Edagawa will give guidance about the system especially with some example of African families and international families including Africans. He has ever experienced many cases relative to migrants and Zainichi-Gaikokujin (ざいにち がいこくじん).
The consultation seminar will hold relaxing atmosphere and any one can participate for free. There will be African sweats and drinks as well. You are much welcomed!

*It is optional whether you are attending a meeting of African Kids Club after the seminar.


A lecturar: Mitsushi Edagawa

Tokyo-Godo-Law-Office http://www.tokyo-godo.com/archives/2005/05/post_70.html

  • Date:2012/7/14(Sat)13:30-14:30 (13:15 open)
    Children are also welcomed! We have volunteers to look after and play with them. Kids, let's enjoy hot summar outside, while the seminar.
  • Place:Waseda Volunteer Center, Waseda University
    • Access:
      If you inform us beforehand of your attendance, we will pick you up around the bus stop of Waseda Seimon Mae (早大正門前) or the exit of Waseda station, Tokyo metro (subway). マップ:http://www.waseda.jp/wavoc/access/index.html
  • Contact:NGO Africa Japan Forum :Saito & Wada
      Tell 03-3834-6902/e-mail info@ajf.gr.jp
    ★Reservation http://linktraq.net/7dr
  • Cordinator:NGO Africa Japan Forum - African Kids Club staffs


13:15 open
13:30 start
13:35 explanation
13:55 Q&A
14:25 opinion share
14:30 end 15:00〜16:30 African Kids Club (optional)
*Even after the seminar, you can go on talking with the lecturer.


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