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TICAD Process

  TICAD (Tokyo International Conference on African Development) was launched in 1993 as an initiative for African Development through the joint effort of co-organizers, namely the Government of Japan, the United Nations Office of the Special Advisor on Africa (UN-OSAA), the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the World Bank.

  Its stakeholders include all African countries and development partners including Asian countries, donors, international agencies, private sector and civil society organizations(CSOs). TICAD Process aims to promote high-level policy dialogue between African leaders and their partners and to mobilize support for African-owned development initiatives.

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TICAD IV (Fourth Tokyo International Conference on African Development)
28-30 May, 2008, in Yokohama, Japan

  Hosted by: Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, UNOSAA, UNDP, The World Bank
  Joined by: 51 African countries, 74 international and regional organizations, private sector, and CSOs

  TICAD IV identified the following three priorities:
(1) Boosting economic growth;
(2) Ensuring "human security," including the achievement of the MDGs (Millennium Development Goals) and the consolidation of peace and good governance; and
(3) Addressing environmental issues and climate change.

Major Achievements;

Yokohama Declaration
Yokohama Action Plan
Establishment of Follow-up Mechanism

  This TICAD Follow-up Mechanism was established with a Three-Tier structure;

  • Secretariat (MoFA)
  • Joint Monitoring Committee of the TICAD process
    (held in Japan once a year)
  • TICAD Follow-up Meeting (once a year, at ministerial level)

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1st TICAD Ministerial Follow-up Meeting
(21-22 March 2009, Gaborone, Botswana)

  Hosted by: TICAD co-organizers (incl. Japanese Government), Government of Botswana
  Joined by: African ministers, delegates from Japan and Africa, regional and international organizations, the private sector and CSOs (5 from African NGOs)

  In this Meeting, the progress made since TICAD IV reported in the Annual Progress Report 2009 was reviewed. The Meeting issued a Communiqu? in which expressed concerns over the negative impact of the global financial and economic crisis on Africa and would been conveyed to following G-20 Summit in April 2009.

Annual Progress Report 2008 (February 2009)
Communique of the First TICAD Ministerial Follow-up Meeting

  As part of efforts to accelerate the development of Africa, the government of Japan said it would expeditiously implement grant and technical assistance worth US$ 2 billion.

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TICAD Follow-up after March 2009

5th Africa-Asia Business Forum (AABF V)
(June 2009, Kampala/ Entebbe, Uganda)

  Hosted by: TICAD co-organizers
AABF V focused on tourism development. AABF V aimed to foster partnership building and technology transfer in tourism-related industries and to generate a boost in investments for tourism development.

TICAD Roundtable with Civil Society from Africa
(October 2009, Tokyo, Japan)

  Hosted by: TICAD Advocacy Team (Ugoku/Ugokasu)
TICAD Process related stakeholders (Japan's MoFA, UNDP, African Diplomatic Corps, and Civil Society Organization) shared their commitment and progress in the TICAD Follow-up Process and reviewed important issues.
Roundtable Report

  In this roundtable, representatives of African and Japanese CSOs addressed and discussed issues of TICAD Follow-up Process with TICAD organizers and intellectuals. It confirms the importance of strengthening partnership and ownership in TICAD Follow-up Process, and of capacity building of Civil Society and governments by referring proposed NGO fund for international cooperation.

Joint Monitoring Committee of the TICAD Process
(April, 2010, Tokyo)

  Hosted by: MoFA (Japan) and TICAD co-organizers
Joint Monitoring Committee meeting was held among the TICAD co-organisers and main implementers of the TICAD Plan of Action. They were preparing an Annual Progress Report to be submitted to the Ministerial Meeting in May. Digest version of the report is available;

TICAD IV Annual Progress Report 2009(Digest Ver.)

  Agenda and drafts of Communique for forthcoming Ministerial Follow-up meeting in Arusha has been introduced in this occasion.

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Second TICAD Ministerial Follow-up Meeting
(2-3 May 2010, Arusha, Tanzania)

hosted by: Government of United Rep. Of Tanzania, TICAD co-organizers
  Ministers of TICAD related countries and other TICAD stakeholders including the private sector and CSOs (5 participants from African NGOs) has been invited to participate this TICAD Ministerial Follow- up Meeting.
  The meeting has reviewed TICAD Progress as a part of TICAD Follow-up Mechanism (Tier 3).

  The meeting focused on 4 themes as follows:

  1. Progress status of implementation of the Yokohama Action Plan and future challenges
  2. Africa's efforts to recover from the impact of the global financial and economic crisis
  3. Achieving the Millennium Development Goals; and
  4. Addressing Climate Change issues

  From Civil Society, 10 participants (8 organizations) from African CSOs had participated in this Second Follow-Up Meeting as the 'observer'.

Speech in the MDGs Session (by Ms.Maungo Mooki)

  In the session 3 'Achieving the MDGs', Ms.Maungo Mooki(Botswana Council of NGOs) representing the Civic Comission for Africa(CCFA) made a 7-minute keynote speech as the representative of CSOs. The script of this speech was prepared and drafted by whole participated CSOs at the civil society preparatory meeting;
Civil Society Presentation for MDGs (by Ms. Maungo Mooki)

Speech in the Climate Change Session (by Mr.MarcWegerif)

  In the Session 4 'Addressing Climate Change issues', Mr.Marc Wegerif (Economic Justice Campaign Coordinator, Horn East and Central African Region, OXFAM International) delivered a speech, which had been drafted by him and considered by civil society participants at the civil society preperatory meeting;
Civil Society Presentation for Climate Change (by Mr. Marc Wegerif)

Cvil Society Session

  Participants from civil society also organized CSO session during the lunch break of the Ministerial Meeting. In this session, following issues are presented and discussed;

  • Background of civil society participation in the TICAD Process
  • Feedback on civil society participation in this Ministerial Follow-up Meeting
  • Discussion about speeches from Civil Society (in MDGs sesssion & climate change session)

  CSO participants received some comments on future networkings of civil society and about issues adressed in the speeches. CSO lunch session presentation (coming soon)

Other outcomes

A Communique was adpoted at this Meeting, which is expected to be presented at important international fora held in this year including, the G8, G20 and the UN MDG Summit. Government of Japan has pledged to step up its MDGs-related assistance by implementing US$1 billion until the next TICAD Follow-up Meeting in 2011.
For details, please refer to the Communique as follows; http://www.mofa.go.jp/region/africa/ticad/min1005/communique_e1005.html

  Annual Progress Report of TICAD Follow-up Process, which was presented at this Meeting, is also available;
TICAD IV Annual Progress Report

Third TICAD Ministerial Follow-up Meeting
(1-2 May 2011, Dakar, Senegal)


Some 500 participants from 68 countries around the world (including 47 in Africa), 42 international and regional organizations, NGOs and the private sector

The meeting focused on 4 themes as follows;

  • The Great East Japan Earthquake
  • Japan expressed its appreciation for the support and solidarity rendered by African countries and the international community as a whole after the Great East Japan Earthquake. To share with Africa its experiences and lessons learned in tackling this disaster, Japan made a proposal to convene a seminar in Japan during the course of this year, on the theme of "Creating Resilient Economies and Societies" to withstand natural disasters.
  • TICAD IV Follow-Up
  • The meeting confirmed that the Yokohama Action Plan, issued at TICAD IV in 2008, has been steadily implemented. Japan stated that it would maintain its intention to continue taking an active role in enhancing peace and stability in the international community, and expressed its unwavering determination to faithfully implement the TICAD IV pledges, overcoming the recent earthquake disaster.
  • Political Issues in Africa
  • Japan stated its position on the recent situations in Sudan, Somalia, Cote d'Ivoire, and North African countries. Japan then announced that through the TICAD process it would continue to tackle various challenges such as poverty, unemployment, security and governance problems that are seen as underlying factors in these situations.
  • Climate Change
  • Japan called for close cooperation with African countries towards COP17, to be held in South Africa, later this year. It also proposed to formulate, together with the African countries, a "Low-Carbon Growth and Sustainable Development Strategy in Africa", which will provide a medium- and long-term vision to address climate change issues in Africa.

Speech in the MDGs Session (by Mr.Gustave ASSAH)

In the Session 'Achieving the MDGs', Mr. Gustave ASSAH: Chairman“The Civic Commission for Africa” delivered a speech. The script of this speech was prepared and drafted by whole participated CSOs at the civil society preparatory meeting; ;

All Speech content is HERE

Fourth TICAD Ministerial Follow-up Meeting
(5-6 May, 2012, Marrakech Morocco)


Some 22 participants from African civil society and 2 participants from Japanese civil society (Africa Japan Forum)
On the other hand, however, there were still challenges; 1. The conference center is not barrer-free and confortable for participants with disabilities. 2. Civil society was not allowed to attend at the drafting committee of the communique. 3. The shortage of budget for CS participants

The meeting focused on 4 themes as follows;

  • 1. CCfA/JICA Side-Event

  • 2. Speech (Comment) on the achivement of MDGs towards 2015 in the 3rd Session

  • 3. Civil Society Press Conference / Publication of CCfA's communique

1. CCfA/JICA Co-organized Side-Event

Just one day before the Ministerial Meeting, in the morning of May 4th, CCfA and JICA coorganized a side event titled "Human Security and Africa's development: From the view of African Civil Society," which got over 50 participants and heated discussion.

2. Speech (Comment) in the 3rd Session about the achivement of MDGs towards Post 2015

In the Session 'Achieving the MDGs', Mr.Falla Ensa Ndayma from "The Civic Commission for Africa (CCfA)” delivered a speech. The script of this speech was prepared and drafted by whole participated CSOs at the civil society preparatory meeting;

All Speech content is HERE

3. Civil Society Press Conference / Publication of CCfA's communique

On 12:30 p.m. after the official press conference, civil society's press conference took a place by the convention, at which many journalists especially the local ones gathered while no Japanese dropped at in.


TICAD V NGO Contact Group
(Since June 2012)

TICAD V NGO Contact Group is a Japanese network of civil society organizations towards TICAD V, which was established in June, 2012.

So far it has been holding monthly meetings in Tokyo in order to discuss advocacy and public mobilization toward TICAD V The membership ranges from individual scholars to NGOs.

TICAD V NGO Contact Group Website (Enlgish)

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