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Africa Japan Forum helps provide the necessary resources and networks to understand and truly tackle the issues affecting Africa through several channels such as mailing lists, websites and publications. This includes biweekly mail magazine on HIV/AIDS "Global AIDS Update", quarterly magazine on Africa and Japan Activities "Africa Now", and co-hosting a website on food security with Ritsumei University Global COE Program Ars Vivendi. Furthermore, Africa Japan Forum hosts and provides supports in coordinating events and seminars to bring about interest among Japanese people on Africa or to further understanding on certain issues affecting Africa.

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The Global Health Programme of AJF serves as the focal point in Japan for international civil society working on policy recommendations and advocacy on global health issues including the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria and Health System Strengthening. AJF works closely together with grassroots and/or organizations on issues surrounding the three most infectious diseases, including advocacy and awareness campaigns including "funding the fund", malaria awareness campaigns, and innovative financing mechanisms for health. The global health programme aims increase the quantity and quality of Japanese (and global) contribution to global health commitments by holding regular meetings with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Japanese development agencies, providing policy recommendation, and advocacy in key meetings related to global health.

Furthermore, AJF has led the advocacy for the global health issues throughout the Japan G8 and TICAD process (Much of AJF activities in relation to global health advocacy throughout the G8 process is updated in the following website: http://www.project-ring.jp/en_index.html) and continues to work with international counterparts on future G8/G20 processes.

(1) The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria

In 2005, the Project to Reinforce Innovative Commitment of Japanese Non-Governmental Organizations to the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, was created to carry out advocacy and campaign efforts for the Global Fund. Project RING began as a project of Japan AIDS and Society Association, but is now carried out by AJF. AJF has been participating as the Developed country civil society delegation to the Global Fund, scheduling regular meetings with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs keep an open communication channel on issues relating to the Global Fund, launching campaigns for resource mobilization and holding symposiums and seminars to increase awareness of the Global Fund and the three infectious diseases.

(2) Resources and Publications

Africa Japan Forum releases mail magazine on HIV/AIDS called "Global AIDS Update". Released bi-weekly, the "Global AIDS Update" picks up important articles related to HIV/AIDS and provides a summary in Japanese. Furthermore, AJF has created several resource books and publication on HIV/AIDS, malaria, global health advocacy and the Global Fund. Such publications include "Survival Kit: Global Health and the G8 ~ The 2008 Toya-ko Summit Process and Experiences of Civil Society" (2008), "Africa Community: African Migrants in Japan and HIV/AIDS" (2008), "Health NGOs and International Partnerships: A Resource Book a New Cooperation" (2008), "HIV/AIDS: Topics in Prevention and Medical Developments (2007) and Malaria: A handbook for NGOs "(2006).

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There is no shortage of food in the world. However many countries in Africa are suffering from a food shortage crisis. Tackling the food shortage crisis in Africa requires a comprehensive approach - which means having an understanding of issues beyond just agricultural production. This includes other barriers to access which includes, but not limited to (1) the storage, distribution, processing of food (2) food, energy and industrial material competition.

Africa Japan Forum works with civil society, international organizations and research institutions to provide the necessary information and raise the issues to be able to understand food security. AJF works in cooperation with Ritsumei University Global COE Program Ars Vivendi to provide updated information and publications on food security.

Much of AJF activities in relation to food security is updated in the following website:http://www.arsvi.com/i/2-food.htm

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Through Ugoku/Ugokasu, Africa Japan Forum, in cooperation with global civil society, works with Japanese civil society for the attainment of the Millennium Development Goals and to bring an end to poverty,

(1) Policy Recommendations and Advocacy:

The ultimate goal of Ugoku/Ugokasu is to increase the quantity and quality of Japanese (and global) contribution for the attainment of the Millennium Development Goals. As well as ensure policy reform within each developmental sectors and cross-cutting issues. Ugoku/Ugokasu and AJF, in cooperation with its global and national networks, provides policy recommendations and advocacy in opportunities such as the Japanese budget process, the G8/G20, and other international meetings on poverty and development to call on Japanese ministries and legislatures for the attainment of the Millennium Development Goals.

(2) Public Mobilization Campaigns:

A large global momentum has the ability to persuade governments to take real action for the realization of the Millennium Development Goals and to bring an end to poverty. Throughout the year, Ugoku/Ugokasu and AJF holds several workshops and events to bring about general understanding and momentum on the attainment of the MDG. One of the key events that show mass support for the end of poverty is the Stand UP Take Action Campaign.

(3) TICAD Advocacy Team:

TICAD is one of the key processes in shaping Japanese policy on African Development and it 4th conference at Yokohama in 2008 May had led to several important commitments related to the Millennium Development Goals. To monitor these commitments and to ensure a meaningful participation of civil society throughout the TICAD process, the TICAD Advocacy Team was created within Ugoku/Ugokasu.

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African Kids Club

In 2005, after calls from mothers of children with African heritage for a forum to network with other mothers and allow their children to learn about their heritage, AJF created the African Kids Club. Now, African Kids Club holds events and workshops such cooking African dishes or playing African instruments.

Access to prevention, care and treatment to HIV/AIDS in Japan

Although African migrants are still a minority among the foreign migrant population living in Japan, they are affected disproportionately by HIV/AIDS. AJF works to increasing their access to Voluntary Counseling and Testing and their access to treatment by working in partnership with the different African communities and medical communities, by holding seminars, meetings and workshops that include but are not limited to (1)increase knowledge of HIV/AIDS, African migrant issues, and treatment in home country of the migrant for the medical community (2) issues of barriers and access to prevention, treatment and care in Japan and treatment in home country of migrant for African communities.

In addition, AJF disseminate information on HIV/AIDS prevention, receiving treatment in Japan, treatment in home country through English and French pamphlets, booklets and through focused community discussions. This program also handles casework, where AJF supports and provides information on prevention and treatment in Japan, facilitate with hospitals with the patient of African origin (providing translation etc) and/or provide links to hospitals and treatment options in country of origin and other related issues to individuals from the African migrant community seeking support.

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Africa Japan Forum serves as the secretariat for three major projects/campaigns:

Project to Reinforce Innovative Commitment of Japanese NGOs to the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria (Project RING)

Project RING advocates for resource mobilization for the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria through information disbursement, policy recommendations and campaigns.

Ugoku/Ugokasu (Global Call to Action Against Poverty, Japan)

Ugoku/Ugokasu works in cooperation with civil society across different issues and across continents for the reduction of Poverty and the attainment of Millennium Development Goals through policy recommendations and public campaigning.

Stand UP Take Action, Japan (SUTA)

In solidarity with millions of people all around the world, Stand UP Take Action, Japan will take part in a united action of standing up in support of the end of poverty and the fulfillment of the Millennium Development Goals.
http://www.standup2015.jp/(Japanese Only)

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