Africa Japan Forum (AJF) works with African People for African People's better life.


Objective Structure

AJF has been certified as a Non-for-Profit Organization on March 19, 1994.

Our Beginning:

Africa Japan Forum (AJF) was established in 1994, following the first Tokyo International Conference on African Development to create a partnership with people of Africa based on the mutual agenda/purpose to alleviate the political, economic and social challenges as well as environmental degradation of Africa through support and cooperation.

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(1)To establish equal partnerships with the people of Africa

(2)To organize networks of those involved in Africa-related activities

(3)To promote activities related to Africa and to raise awareness of Africa

(4)To review the politics, economy, and lifestyles of Japan and the world that has significant impact on the people of Africa and find ways to improve conditions

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To achieve these objectives, AJF carries out the following activities:

(1) Provide resource, information, publicity, counseling and other means of support for people and organizations who seek to work in the alleviation of challenges and difficulties in Africa

(2) Increase network and cooperation among NGOs in Africa or involved in Africa related issues, international organization and the government

(3) Through information gathering and dissemination and participation in national and international meetings, works to create, advocate and campaign for policies for a sustainable Africa. Furthermore, AJF works to coordinate Japanese civil society organizations in addressing issues and policies related to Africa

(5) Increasing knowledge/understanding of Africa through holding of seminars, providing publications, and using web sites

(6) Holding events for the general community to increase understanding of cultures and issues of Africa and with African communities to discuss issues related to their experience in Japan or country of origin

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Africa Japan Forum has five major programs:
(1) Information support and Network
(2) Global health
(3) Food security
(4) Global poverty
(5) African migrants living in Japan

Furthermore, Africa Japan Forum serves as the secretariat for three major projects//campaigns:
(1) Ugoku/Ugokasu
(2) Stand UP Take Action Campaign
(3) Project RING

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Board Staff


Dr. Tatsuo Hayashi

President, Africa Japan Forum
Guest Professor, Ritsumeikan University

Saito Ryochiro

Executive Director, Africa Japan Forum

Mamoru Mozumi

Instuctor, Kawai-Juku (cram school)

Shinya Tateiwa

Professor, Ritsumeikan University Graduate School

Tomoko Hoshino

Steering Committee, Global Environment Information Centre

Hiroki Inaizumi

Associate Professor, Tokyo University of Agriculture

Kazuchiyo Miyamichi

Earth and Human Corporation

Yukino Iwata

Associate Professor , Waseda University

Naoko Tsuyama

President of Ugoku/Ugokasu

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Ryoichiro Saito

Executive Director
Focus Area: General Support, Information Support & Network, Food Security

Masaki Inaba

Director, Global Health Programme
Executive Director, Ugoku/Ugokasu
Focus Area: Ugoku/Ugokasu (Global Poverty),Global Health, African Migrants in Japan

Hideki Moro

Coordinator, Stand UP Take Action Campaign
Focus Area: Ugoku/Ugokasu (Global Poverty),Stand Up Take Action Campaign

Kaoru Kawada

Coordinator, HIV/AIDS Programs
Focus Area: Global Health, African Migrants in Japan

Takashi Tamai

Coordinator, TICAD V NGO Contact Group
Focus Area: TICAD V

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