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Africa NOW No.98

Issued on May 31, 2013 by Africa Japan Forum (AJF)

Civil society's activities and reviews on TICAD process's 20 years

March 1993, some members of NGOs found on a newspaper that there would be held "Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD)" that October and came up with an idea that Japanese NGOs and individuals concerned with African development issues would have a symposium with African NGOs/CSOs. That was the starting point of civil society's activities around TICAD. That October they had a 2-day symposium with members of African NGOs/CSOs. The participants adopted a "Civil Society Recommendations to TICAD", which reached the co-organizers of TICAD and opened the door of TICAD to civil society.
Now, 20 years have passed from then and we have seen 5 TICADs. We select 10 articles from our archives of "Africa NOW" to show you a view of civil society's involvement in TICAD and fruits of their activities.

From the editor of "Africa NOW"

pp.3-5 "Reprinting articles on TICAD in Africa NOW"
by MOZUMI Mamoru

pp.6-7 "NGO's activities on TICAD 1-4"
by SAITO Ryoichiro

TICAD issues in "Africa NOW"

pp.9-10 "Opening of a new era of international cooperation on African Development? - From the TICAD conference hall"
by OBAYASHI Minoru

pp.11-12 "Toward TICAD 2: Development for people there - NGO's recommendations"
by OZEKI Yoko

pp.13-16 "A round-table talk on the ACT's efforts: Where shall we go from the TICAD 2?"
by KUROKOCHI Yasushi, NOZAWA Shinji, Yanson YANAGISAWA Yumiko, SUGAKAWA Takuya, SUGA Kazuhito, NISHIDA Ryoko, KANEMITSU Yumiko, SUTO Nobuhiko, OZEKI Yoko

pp.17-19 "What ACT2003 aims"
by KOMINE Shigetsugu

pp.20-21 "The Achievement of ACT2003 & AJF through the Activities towards TICAD 3"
by KAWAUCHI Shinsuke

pp.22-29 Interview with OZEKI Yoko
"Evaluations of the AJF's activities on TICAD 1-3"

pp.30-33 "TICAD 4: Japan's African policy is questioned"
by SAITO Ryoichiro

pp.34-39 "From TICAD 3 to TICAD 4: Development of the partnership of Japanese & African NGOs/ CSOs"

pp.40-45 Interview with TAKAGI Akihiro and TOMITA Toko
"Evaluation of the 'product' of TICAD 4"

pp.46-48 "What is TICAD 4? Review of its poor and dangerous reality"
by TAKABAYASHI Toshiyuki

Action for TICAD V

p.50 "Rising Africa through TICAD process"
by IWAI Yukino

p.51 "Africa and I"
by HOSHINO Tomoko

pp.52-54 "Building a partnership between students of Japan and Africa"
by TICAD V Student Project

p.55 "Africa-Japan Development Agenda"
by TICAD V Student Project

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