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Africa NOW No.92

Issued on October 31, 2011 by Africa Japan Forum (AJF)

Special Topic: Support of people affected by the Great Quake and African people should be provided together

On March 11th, we experienced an unprecedented disaster in Japan with over 15,000 dead and nearly 3,700 people missing. Many houses, roads, railways, radio/TV stations, harbors and other infrastructures were destroyed. Seven months since the crisis, there are still so many people without jobs, sources of income, and homes to return to. Furthermore, problems from the Tokyo Electric Power Company’s Fukushima nuclear power plants with serious radioactive contamination remain. We face many challenges! We renew our sympathy to the victims and to their families affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake, tsunami and nuclear contamination. This issue of "Africa Now" features the trials of NGOs and African people addressing this crisis

pp.2-3 How did African families respond to the Great Quake and radiation contamination?
Two women of African families speak about how they responded to the crisis.

pp.4-11 Address the Support of survivors of the Great Quake, by IWAI Yukino, Joe OTOO, KUGA Yuko, KOYAMA Eriko and TANAKA Masako
Speeches from the five speakers from a symposium organized by AJF, "Support for people affected by the Great Quake and African people should be provided together". IWAI, a staff of a University Volunteer Center, has been coordinating volunteer activities of students in the affected area. OTOO speaks of his experiences in his home in Ghana and at the tsunami affected area in Eastern Japan. KUGA, representative of NGO "Together with Africa and Asia Association (TAAA)", is sending books and toys to nursing schools and others in the affected area with TAAA members. KOYAMA has created peer-support groups for survivors displaced by the Great Quake in Tokyo with reference to the HIV positives people in South Africa. TANAKA calls attention to gender-related problems in the affected areas and speaks of experiences there as a staff of Women’s Network for East Japan Disaster.

p.12 Experiences of the Great Earthquake, by Chris CHIDUME and Moses ABIA
They experienced a big quake in Tokyo for the first time, which gave them fear, but now they hope to have an opportunity to support survivors of the Great Quake.

pp.13-15 Discussion "Linked with the support of African people"
Speakers and participants of the symposium make comments on the speeches and suggestions for action.

pp.16-17 Who is the disabled in Africa going with, and How?, by SAITO Ryoichiro
Every year, since 2002, people with disabilities in Africa comes to Japan to receive training for Independent Living for the disabled with support of Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA). They make country reports and have discussions on challenges for Independent Living as a part

pp.22-23 Talk about NEMOTO Toshimichi, author of “Living in Tanzania”, by SHIMOGAKI Keijio
Nemoto, author of “Living in Tanzania”, has written articles over two decades since the 1980’s that give us new perspectives of Tanzania. SHIMOGAKI speaks of his first contact with NEMOTO, and missing a trip with him in Tanzania and others. SHIMOGAKI calls NEMOTO “Ahonayatsu” in Osaka dialect with love.

4th cover "Hitotsu no musubime toshite" ( "To readers" in English) and daily report
Information from the secretariat of AJF to readers.


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