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Africa NOW No89

Issued on September 30, 2010 by Africa Japan Forum (AJF)

Special Topic: The global AIDS crisis is not over

pp.2-4 More Yens, more Dollars, more Euros for the Universal Access, written by Editor of “Africa NOW
The Global Fund, a major international financing mechanism in the fight against the three most infectious diseases would not be where it is today without the movement and activism of thousands of people living with HIV/AIDS demanding a worldwide commitment to funding to fight AIDS and ensure Universal Access to prevention, treatment and support. Despite the increase in funding to fight AIDS in the past decade, we are still far from attaining Universal Access, and all countries must dramatically scale up its political and funding commitments.

pp.5-7 The Global Fund: turning the tide against the global AIDS crisis, written by INABA Masaki
INABA Masaki [Program Director for Global Health, AJF] explains that despite the tremendous gains made through the Global Fund in fighting AIDS, the Global AIDS crisis is not over. He presented on this challenge and why donor counties must dramatically scale up their contribution at the Global Fund Replenishment Conference (October 4-5, 2010), where donor countries will make its pledge FY 2011 - 2013 to the Global Fund.

pp.8-10 Civil society is connected to the Global Fund, written by Carol Nyirenda
Carol Nyirenda [Zambia Community Initiative for Tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS & Malaria: CITAM+], as a person living with HIV represents the communities living with and/or affected by the AIDS, TB and Malaria to the Global Fund Board. She explains the importance of civil society in the Global Fund and provided details on the activities conducted by civil society in ensuring that the Global Fund is fully funded at the Replenishment conference.

pp.10-11 Interview with Vikas Ahuja: Better future for People Living with HIV/AIDS
Interview with Vikas Ahuja, Representative of Delhi Network of Positive People [DNP+]. The Editor of “Africa Now” asks Vikas why he is currently working on activities that support people living with HIV/AIDS in Delhi and why he is participating in the Here I Am Campaign. He explains the importance of the “Here I Am” which works to sensitize and increase support from donor countries for the Global Fund by bringing human stories from the field closer and demonstrating the impacts of the Global Fund on the ground.

p.12 Here I am, written by Michael Gwaba
This is the life story of Zambian Michael Gwaba, who is HIV-positive and alive today because of access to HIV treatment supported by the Global Fund. He serves as an ambassador for the Here I am Campaign.

pp.13-15 Rights and Health, Right Now, for Migrants, written by Joseph Amon & DOI Kanae
[pp.13-14: English original text / pp.14-15 : Japanese translation]
Joseph Amon [Director of Health and Human Rights Program of Human Rights Watch] and DOI Kanae [Japan Director of Human Rights Watch] reports on the human rights violations suffered by migrants or foreigners in seeking access to medical services including AIDS treatment. They call for greater leadership to end the xenophobic discrimination and ensure migrants’ to HIV services are protected.

p.16-19 A bridge between Kampo (traditional Chinese medicine) and African, written by Obossou Kochole Etiennei
Father Obossou Kochole Etienne from Benin who currently study traditional Chinese medicines at Yokohama Pharmaceutical University wrote many things. Now he has goals for combining Chinese medicines and traditional medical services and creating cheap medicines good for African people.

pp.18-19 Met with Father Obossou, written by KOSEKI Rina

pp.20-22 On the spot in Africa: Benin, written by SAKAKIBARA Aya
SAKAKIBARA Aya who worked as an intern at an advocacy NGO in Benin for one year when she was a university student talked about decentralization projects by one advocacy NGO which she joined, and how demonstration was going. At the same time, she cast a doubt on Benin democracy promoted by advocacy NGOs, based on her own experiences.

p.23 Recommended CD, written by MERA Akiko
This is an explanation of an album “TALAZO FUJI MUSIC PARTY!” of a Nigerian musician, King Wasiu Ayinde Marshal and a compilation album “STOP AIDS CLUB MOVEMENT” by a Japanese DJ.

4th cover “Hitotsu no musubime toshite” ( “To readers” in English) and daily report
Information from the secretariat of AJF to readers.


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