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Africa NOW No.86

Issued on November 30, 2009 by Africa Japan Forum (AJF)

Special Topic : Child labour in cocoa farms

Child labour is a focal issue in Africa where the majority of the total population are under the age 18, mixed with various issues bring about persistent poverty. Actually, child labour constitutes part of his/her family budget, however , on the other hand, it takes much criticism because it strips children of the right to education or worsens their welfare and health or safety through long working hours or working in poor surroundings. This special topic carries an interview with Managing director of ACE, a NGO working for prohibition or prevention of child labour, presenting FAO's news on child labour or international conventions banning it.

pp.3-5 How could we escape from chocolate produced by child labour?, Interview with SHIROKI Tomoko
Interview with SHIROKI Tomoko, Managing director of ACE carrying out a project (called "Smile Ghana Project") to eliminate child labour in cocoa farms in Ghana. She shows why child labour is problematic, and talks about their activities for Smile Ghana Project and selling chocolate to raise money.

p.5 ACE's website: Smile Ghana Project just started!

pp.6-7 References: International Treaty on Banning Child Labour (Abstract)

pp.8-9 FAO Newsroom: Agriculture accounts for 70 percent of child labour worldwide
The 70 percent of child labour worldwide is found in agriculture, with many children engaged in forced and hazardous activities. Here's news that elimination of child labour is becoming a critical challenge in Africa where agriculture is the dominant economic activity, and factors such as persistent poverty and food insecurity, poor education and HIV/AIDS compound the problem.

pp.9-10 Japanese translation of the above news "Agriculture accounts for 70 percent of child labour worldwide"

pp.12-15 International land deals in Africa, written by Editor of "Africa NOW"
Large-scale land deals are very active in different areas of Africa. Those deals are made to produce bio-fuels for investing countries' food security or for developed countries, however, on the contrary, they are also threatening food security in each of African countries receiving investment. This issue carries two reports on this problem: "Land grab or development opportunity?" and "SEIZED! The 2008 land grab for food and financial security", and presenting the directional character of agricultural support.

pp.24-25 Book review: "Kokusai kyoryoku seiko eno hasso - Asia Africa no noson kara", reviewed by TSUYAMA Naoko
HIROSE Syohei as an expert of tropical agriculture was involved in a field work in tropical Africa and Southeast Asia. This book review is on a book "Kokusai kyoryoku seiko eno hasso - Asia Africa no noson kara" ( "Hints for success of international cooperation: From villages in Asia and Africa" in English) in which HIROSE emphasizes the importance of learning from traditional agricultural technique kept by local farmers. Referring to current issues of agriculture in South Africa through her own experiences there, TSUYAMA Naoko found that a writer of the book put emphasis on respect for local farmers.

pp.14-15 "Land acquisitions in Africa pose risks for poor", Press release by FAO's Japan

pp.16-17 On the spot in Africa: Ethiopia, written by WATANABE Hideki
WATANABE Hideki (AJF member) who stays as staff of JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency) in Addis Ababa Ethiopia presents activities of CRDA (Christian Relief and Development Association), Ethiopian NGO, clarifying Charities and Societies Proclamation No.621/2009 (called "CSO regulation") seriously affecting NGO activities in Ethiopia.

pp.18-19 Contribution: Japanese support for Africa and Fisutula Issues, written by NAKAYAMA Michiko
NAKAYAMA Michiko, Director of Hamlin Fistula Japan, talks about the history for her activities on obstetrical fistula issues and the symposium planned on Dec. 19 where Dean Annete Bennette, President of Hamlin Fistula Midwifery College is expected to give a speech.

pp.20-21 Book review: "Genboku no aru mori - coffee no hajimari no monogatari" in Japanese, reviewed by TAGUCHI Ryoko
Review on a book "Genboku no aru mori - coffee no hajimari no monogatari" produced by Africa Rikai Project. TAGUCHI Ryoko explains fascinating points of the book showing how to enjoy coffee and possible message contained in the book.

p.21 Anyango more active than before
He explains recent splendid activities of MUKAIYAMA Eriko also known as Anyango, a Japanese musician playing the Nyatiti which is a folk instrument of the Luo in Kenya.

pp.24-25 Book review: "Land Reform in South Africa" (original title is "Minami Africa no tochikaikaku" in Japanese), reviewed by OZEKI Yoko
Review on "Land Reform in South Africa" written by SATO Chizuko, describing land issues and land reform policies during and after the time of Apartheid through survey or inspection of cases in areas where land reform was implemented. OZEKI Yoko explains the book suggesting how issues of unfair land tenure structure, should be solved, referring to the condition in Zimbabwe she is concerned with.

4th cover To readers ("Hitotsu no musubime toshite" in Japanese) and daily report
Information from the secretariat of AJF to readers.


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