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Africa NOW No.85

Issued on July 31, 2009 by Africa Japan Forum (AJF)

Special Topic 1: Be together with Africans/African communities in Japan

We had a special topic "Voices of African Residents in Japan" in the last issue. Here's a special topic again, focused on living together with African communities in Japan. Since the period of their stay of some Africans in Japan is relatively getting longer, their own communities are being formed based on their own country or ethnic group. Some of them starts a family after finding a Japanese spouse. In view of these circumstances, this issue has an interview with African families in Japan, and reports AJF's efforts for prevention and awareness of HIV/AIDS intended for African communities in Japan.

pp.3-5 To be proud of my life as an African family in Japan, Interview with KOJIMA Misa
Interview with KOJIMA Misa whose husband is a Nigerian in Japan. She talked about how to be proud of living as an African family in Japan and take care of her kids. She emphasized in the interview that African Kids Club gave an opportunity to make kids whose have roots in Africa touch Africa and African families connected to each other.

p.6 Report: African Kids Club's events

pp.7-11 HIV/AIDS prevention & awareness for African communities in Japan, written by KAWADA Kaoru
KAWADA Kaoru engaged in prevention and awareness on healthcare for African communities in Japan and collecting information at AJF reported her efforts. She generally explained African healthcare and the current condition of HIV/AIDS, and pointed out the difficulty of its prevention and awareness through her experiences on health counseling for Nigerians in Japan.

Special Topic 2: The situation and movement of disabled people in Africa

The African Decade of Disabled Persons for 2000-2009 agreed on being committed to the second "African Decade of Disabled Persons" for 2010-2019 at the Council of Social Affairs Ministers of African Union (AU). What do African movements of disabled persons plan for that opportunity? Africa Now obtained reports on the current situation of African disabled persons and their movements from two organizations of disabled persons in Southern Africa and Uganda.

pp.12-15 The situation of disabled people in Zimbabwe, written by Alexander M. Phirii
Alexander M. Phiri, Director General of SAFOD: Southern Africa Federation of the Disabled, reports crises faced by disabled persons in Zimbabwe where widespread poverty, high rate of unemployment and hyperinflation are still lingering on. He pointed out that it should be important for disabled persons to participate in the process of reconstruction of Zimbabwe encouraged by the Government of National Unity which was formed in February this year.

pp.15-17 Japanese translation of the above essay "The situation of disabled people in Zimbabwe"

pp.18 Introduce Alexander M. Phiri, written by TSUYAMA Naoko
TSUYAMA Naoko who met Alexander M. Phiri at the follow-up meeting of TICAD held in Botswana in March 2009 introduces his profile and positive personality.

pp.19-20 The situation of youth with disabilities in Uganda, written by Aggrey Olweny
Aggrey Olweny clarified a background of AYDU formation, referring to the current situation of disabled youngsters in Uganda, and AYDU's activities, its achievements and challenges as well.

pp.15-17 Japanese translation of the above essay "The situation of youth with disabilities in Uganda"

pp.18 Introduce Aggrey Olweny, written by KATSUI Hisako
KATSUI Hisako who got to know Aggrey Olweny through her research of DPOs: Disabled People's Organizations in Uganda introduces his activities through explaining the current situation of activities of organizations of disabled persons in Uganda.

pp.24-25 On the spot in Africa: Ghana, written by MIYAMOTO Sachiko
MIYAMOTO Sachiko who was sent as a member of JOCV: Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers, to combat AIDS to Bekwai, a local town in Ghana, for January 2007 - January 2009 reports her activities on sexual education and prevention and awareness of AIDS carried out at elementary and junior or high-schools in Ghana on a visiting basis, presenting the program of her activities.

pp.24-25 Book review: "One Hundred Years of Nsenga Society in Zambia" (original title is "Nanbu Africa syakai no hyakunen" in Japanese), reviewed by KONDO Mikado
He gives a book review of "One Hundred Years of Nsenga Society in Zambia" describing a history of the South-African society and the change of its social structure after one-century experience including colonial rule. He explains the content of the book, based on four themes of "Learning, Migration, Magic and Future".

4th cover To readers ("Hitotsu no musubime toshite" in Japanese) and daily report
Information from the secretariat of AJF to readers.


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