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Africa NOW No.82

Issued on October 20, 2008 by Africa Japan Forum (AJF)

Special Topic: Evaluation of the activities on TICAD IV

TICAD IV-NGO Network (TNnet) did their continuing advocacy for The 4th Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD IV) which was held from May 28 to 30 in Yokohama, on another front, counter-action on the TICAD IV was carried out. In addition, different events were held in relation to Africa, inspired by TICAD IV. Africa has attracted more attention from the media in April and May than in the past. This issue features a comprehensive evaluation of activities on TICAD IV.

p.3-6 What NGOs & CSOs gained through the activities on TICAD4, Interview with SAITO Ryoichiro and TANIMURA Minori
HOSHINO Tomoko, member of Board of AJF, interviewed SAITO Ryoichiro (member of Steering Committee of TNnet and Chief Secretariat at AJF), and TANIMURA Minori (member of Steering Committee of TNnet) from World Vision Japan (WVJ) about TNnet's aim and their activities during TICAD4.

p.6-7 TNnet secretariat's report, written by YAMADA Mariko
YAMADA Mariko, TNnet Secretariat, talks about their efforts for TICAD4 and what difficulties they had.

p.8-13 Evaluation of the "product" of TICAD4, Interview with TAKAGI Akihiro and TOMITA Toko
KOJIMA Misa, Vice-chairperson of AJF, interviewed TAKAGI Akihiro (member of Steering Committee of TNnet and secretariat of the Unit of Poverty and Development at the 2008 G8 Summit NGO Forum) and TOMITA Toko (member of Steering Committee of TNnet) from Hunger Free World (HFW) about their own evaluation of the resulting document and further required efforts

p.14-15 Thinking about the Africa 2008 campaign, written by NAGASHIMA Miki
The Africa 2008 campaign was run to get ordinary people more familiar with Africa, taking an opportunity of TICAD4. NAGASHIMA Miki, staff of the Campaign, explains how to manage and plan the Campaign and reports the result from them.

p.16-21 From TICAD3 to TICAD4 - Development of the partnership of Japanese & African NGOs/CSOs, written by FUNADA-CLASSEN Sayaka
FUNADA-CLASSEN Sayaka, Vice-chairperson of TICAD Civil Society Forum (TCSF) and member of Steering Committee of TNnet, talks about how the partnership between both civil societies in Japan and Africa developed, presenting her personal experiences.

p.22-26 Learning from critical view of TICAD4, Interview with OTOMO Miyuki and KYOGOKU Noriko
MOZUMI Mamoru, editor of "Africa NOW", interviewed OTOMO Miyuki and KYOGOKU Noriko who formed Study & Act Group on G8 and TICAD in Yokohama about their activities on TICAD4 and what they learned from their activities.

p.27-29 What is TICAD4? - Review of its poor and dangerous reality, written by TAKABAYASHI Toshiyuki
TAKABAYASHI Toshiyuki heading Research Centre for Western Sahara Affair makes a review on TICAD4, pointing out that its conference finally got to what was far away from African countries' request and criticizing TICAD 4 for not having tackled human rights' issues, and also reviews matters of "citizen's participation" in TICAD4

p.30-33 A concept proposal: The TICAD Watch, written by Gustave Assah
Gustave Assah, Chairperson of Civic Commission for Africa (C-CfA), makes a proposal for following up the results of TICAD Process contributing to "Yokohama Action Plan" adopted by TICAD4. This issue carries two versions - an English original text and its Japanese translation

p.34-35 Book Review: "Kaihatufuronthia no Minzokusi", commented on by SATAKE Hiroko
SATAKE Hiroko, staff of AJF, reviews a book "Kaihatufuronthia no minzokusi / Higashiafurika kangaikeikakuni ikiru hitobito" (original Japanese title, if translated in English "Ethnography on Development: East Africa and People in a rural area with irrigation plan under way" ), written by ISHII Yoko (social anthropologist) about development in Kenya and local communities' involvement in it.

4th cover To readers ("Hitotsu no musubime toshite" in Japanese) and daily report
Information from the secretariat of AJF to readers.


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