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Africa NOW No.77

Issued on July 20, 2007 by Africa Japan Forum (AJF)

Special Topic: Half a century since the Independence of Ghana

On March 24 2007, AJF held a symposium in memory of the 50th anniversary of Independence of Ghana to review its significance and subsequent history of Africa. These pages present speeches of each speaker and some reports on Ghanaian culture and life.

p.3 Extracts from opening remarks (summary) by Barfuor Adjei-Barwuah, Ambassador of the Republic of Ghana

p.3-4 Reviewing the 50 years history since the Independence of Ghana by TAKANE Tsutomu
TAKANE Tsutomu, a researcher of IDE, Institute Developing Economies - JETRO, reviewed a fifty-year's history of Ghana after Independence, and presents next challenges.

p.5 The Independence of Ghana and my 50 years by YOSHIDA Masao
YOSHIDA Masao, a member of the board of AJF, showed episodes on his visit to Ghana in 1958, and pointed out that Pan-Africanism put forward at Independence of Ghana still remains.

p.6 What do we learn from the Ghanaian society by John Akokpali
John Akokpali, a Senior lecturer in the Department of Political Studies at the University of Cape Town, talked about challenges facing the current society of Ghana, and a perspective on its future as well.

p.7 The role of Ghanaian in Japan for the development of Ghana by Kwasi Kyei Amoabeng
Kwasi Kyei Amoabeng of Ghana Association in Japan talked about the condition of Ghanaians in Japan and their contribution to growth of Ghana.

p.8-10 Q & A: The future of the relationship between Africa and Japanese civil society
Four panelists made a reply to questions from participants in the Symposium. Each panelist evaluated the past years on Ghana and Africa and gave a comment on the relationship between Japan and Africa..

p.11 Chronological table of Ghanaian history

p.12-13 I came across Ghanaian children's songs by HAGIWARA Miho
HAGIWARA Miho who studied African music at the graduate school of Ghana University presents children's play and culture in Ghana through children's songs.

p.14-16 Ghanaian life through cooking by ENDO Akiko
ENDO Akiko describes people's life in Ghana through cooking, and shows a recipe of Ghanaian food which is also available in Japan.

p.17 Photogravure: African Festa 2007

p.18-25 Publishing "Origins of "Unity" and " Division" in Contemporary Mozambican Politics"
Interview with FUNADA-CLASSEN Sayaka (Author) and HASHIMOTO Iku (Editor)
"Origins of "Unity" and " Division" in Contemporary Mozambican Politics" reviews a Mozambican history from the colonial years through liberation struggle to Independence, and its subsequent conflicts. The editorial desk of "Africa NOW" interviewed the author FUNADA-CLASSEN Sayaka and its editor HASHIMOTO Iku. FUNADA reviewed a contemporary history of Mozambique from a perspective of grass-roots people and emphasized a negative situation under which violent struggle still continues after Independence. HASHIMOTO Iku talked about the significance of its publishing. The contents of the book are shown.

p.26-27 Meet Africa in Japan: Art Cafe Bar & Gallery SARABA
Series of articles full of places where we can experience and enjoy Africa in Japan. This issue introduces an art cafe-bar & gallery "SARABA".

4th cover To readers ("Hitotsu no musubime toshite" in Japanese) and daily report
Information from the secretariat of AJF to readers.


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