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Africa NOW No.76

Issued on March 25, 2007 by Africa Japan Forum (AJF)

Special Topic: World Social Forum 2007 in Nairobi

The WSF, World Social Forum has been held as a place for discussion and exchange among social movements and NGOs against the current globalization once each year since 2001. 覇 seventh one was in Nairobi, Kenya from the 20th to 25th of January. The 76th issue of Africa NOW carries different reports from participants in WSF.

p.3-4 Issues at WSF: Who is WSF for? by MOZUMI Mamoru
MOZUMI Mamoru, an editor of Africa NOW, considers issues of WSF and its further direction through looking at demands for "No participation fee for Kenyans" which became a point of issue at WSF.

p.3-9 Issues at WSF: What has WSF been aiming at? by AKIMOTO Yoko
AKIMOTO Yoko explains what WSF has aimed at, focused on the course of WSF up to now and Charter of Principles.

p.6-7 TICAD: Call for organizing Civic Commission for Africa at WSF by YOSHIDA Masao
YOSHIDA Masao who joined WSF as a member of representatives of TCSF, TICAD Civil Society Forum, reports that he called on African NGOs at WSF to form the Civic Commission for Africa toward TICAD (Tokyo International Conference on African Development) IV scheduled in 2008.

p.8-9 Debts: Kenyans are humorous, walk a lot and have high self-esteem by OKURA Junko
OKURA Junko concerned with campaign for odious debts cancellation reports debts' issues facing the Kenyan society and how activities for the cancellation was done in WSF.

p.10-11 Somalia: Voices of Somali civil society by OTU Yuji
There is a big concern that Ethiopia's invasion of Somalia starting around the end of last year and US air bombing there may exacerbate conflict and expand damage to people. OTU Yuki concerned with Somali issues presents voices of Somali civil society within WSF.

p.12-13 Reproductive Rights: Can WSF get rid of heterosexism? by SUZUKI Fumi
How were issues of reproductive and sexual minorities' rights addressed in WSF? SUZUKI Fumi engaged in protecting them reports the issues.

p.14-16 Round Table Talk: Our experiences at WSF and Nairobi
by KONDO Tesuko, TUCHIYA Masako, TORIKAI Junko, MOZUMI Mamoru (MC)
Four participants in WSF talk about their experiences in WSF, visit to the slums in Nairobi and feelings about fooding service.

p.17 I went to see the Sondu Miriu Hydroelectric Plant by OKURA Junko
OKURA Junko reports problems of Sondu Miriu Hydroelectric Plant being currently built with the aid of Japanese ODA and voices of residents around the planned Plant.

p.18-19 On the spot in Africa: NIGERIA by YAMAGATA Shigeo
YAMAGATA Shigeo who concluded his task as chief of JICA office in Nigeria till March 2007 talks about the current condition of the Nigerian society and its future's possibility.

p.20-25 Contribution: Publishing "History of Deaf People and Sign Language in Africa" by KAMEI Nobutaka
KAMEI Nobutaka reports through his own field work the current condition on African deaf persons and sign language and works of Andrew Foster who spread deaf education in some African countries, and in addition, he presents the content of his latest book "History of Deaf People and Sign Language in Africa".

p.26-27 Cinema Africa 2007 by YOSHIDA Miho
YOSHIDA Miho, a chief of the planning committee, talks about the aim of the project "Cinema Africa 2007 - Memory of Rwanda" starting on April 7 this year.

p.28-29 Book Review: "Race Against Time" by TODA Makiko
TODA Makiko reviews a book "Race Against Time: Searching for Hope in AIDS-Ravaged Africa" written by Stephen Lewis, UN Secretary-General's Special Envoy for HIV/AIDS in Africa from 2001.

p.30 Film Review: "Tsotsi" by Nudomiso Dlamini
Nudomiso Dlamini from South Africa, born in Swaziland, reviews a film featuring a young gangster called Tsotsi living in Johannesburg, South Africa.

p.31 Meet Africa in Japan: Cafe "Patika-mura"
Series of articles full of places where we can experience and enjoy Africa in Japan. This issue introduces a cafe "Patika-mura" in Kouennji, Tokyo.

4th cover To readers ("Hitotsu no musubime toshite" in Japanese) and daily report
Information from the secretariat of AJF to readers.


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