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Africa NOW No.75

Issued on December 31, 2006 by Africa Japan Forum (AJF)

Special Topic: Management Seminar for Japanese NGOs in Africa

AJF held six series of Management Seminar for Japanese NGOs in Africa from June 16 to November 10 this year which provided an opportunity to share with participants experiences and information gained by experienced NGO staff in Africa. The Africa NOW #75 reports this seminar.

p.2-3 What the Management Seminar for NGOs Aims at?, by KONDO Tetsuko
KONDO Tetsuko, an AJF secretariat member in charge of planning and management of the Seminar mentions about its objectives and challenge.

p.3-9 Reports on six series of Management Seminar for NGOs
Here are brief reports on themes of each seminar and presentations by three or four speakers from 15 organizations
including Japanese NGOs experienced in Africa. The theme of each seminar is as follows;
1. Our turning point - Business development and management evaluation;
2. Persons, that's All! - Securing and educating personnel;
3. Mere money, but money is important - Fund-raising and aid fund;
4. Global/regional movements - International development initiative;
5. Beyond the framework of aid fund - Developing new business and thinking about how to raise fund;
6. New challenge - Review and workshop

p.10-12 Civil Society HIV/AIDS Congress in South Africa - A Signal of the End of Denialism?, by MAKINO Kumiko
The Civil Society HIV and AIDS Prevention and Treatment Congress was held near Johannesburg, South Africa on Oct. 27-28, 2006. AIDS activists, delegates of trade unions and churches, and government representatives attended the Congress. MAKINO Kumiko also participating in it on behalf of AJF talks about the significance and look of the Congress.

p.12-13 Related documents: Chronology against AIDS in South Africa

p.14-15 Related documents: Civil Society HIV Prevention and Treatment Congress Final Statement
and Resolutions adopted by Conference 28 October 2006 Co-Hosts, COSATU/SACC/SANGOCO/TAC[Lead] (Original English document and its Japanese translation are inserted)

p.16-21 Contribution: Receiving Shine from Africa - Introducing Cyrille Masso, Movie Director, by BUNDO Daisuke
BUNDO Daisuke, a film-antholopologist who produced a film showing life of Baka peoples living in the forest in Cameroon presents two films: "Au Prix du Verre" ( "Garasu no nedan"in Japanese) and "Confidences" ( "Kokuhaku"in Japanese) produced by Cyrille Masso, a Cameroon movie director, and in addition, he calls for supporting African film authors.

p.22 Film review: "Confidences" (Director: Cyrille Masso), by URA Kaori
URA Kaori makes a film review on "Au Prix du Verre" shown above.

p.23 Book Review: "Africa Mode", by MOZUMI Mamoru
MOZUMI Mamoru makes a book review on Africa Mode where 44 Japanese talked about their own experiences in Africa.

4th cover To readers ("Hitotsu no musubime toshite" in Japanese) and daily report
Information from the secretariat of AJF to readers.


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