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Africa NOW No.107

Issued on 28th February, 2017 by Africa Japan Forum (AJF)

pp.2-13 Special Topic: From TICAD VI in Kenya (2016) to TICAD VII in Japan (2019)
TICAD (Tokyo International Conference on African Development) VI was held in Nairobi, Kenya from August 27th to 28th in 2016. TICAD had met in Japan previously. However, TICAD VI took place in Africa for the first time. It was decided that TICAD would meet every three years in Africa and Japan in turn. Therefore, TICAD VII is supposed to be held in Japan in 2019. This special topic includes the history of activities organized by civil societies in line with TICAD and a report from. Fujii who took the role as the administration officer in Japan Citizen Network for TICAD(JCNT) and articles contributed by Dze-Ngawa and Kubota who attended TICAD VI from Cameroon and Japan respectively.

pp.6-9 gHealth care and foreign aid in Africah by KAMIYA Yasuhiko
KAMIYA introduces his experience as a health care specialist in three di erent places (Northern Ghana, Western Kenya and Central Kenya). He also shared his views on foreign aid in health care sector.

p.3 g23 Years (1993 - 2016) of TICAD and CSOsh
In this article we looked back the activities of civil society organizations in Japan and Africa related to TICAD during the period between the first TICAD on October 1993 and the TICAD VI on August 2016.

pp.4-5 gWhatfs new around TICAD VI?h by SAITO Ryoichiro
Since TICAD VI took place in Africa for the first time, it became easier for participants from Africa to take ownership unlike previous TICAD meetings. On the other hand, Africa has recently been recognized as eThe last frontier of world economyf. The author, the former secretary general of AJF presented his views on the future relationship between Africa and Japan.

pp.6-7 gLooking back on civil society activities towards TICAD VIh by FUJII Izumi
The author was involved in activities for TICAD VI as a staff of the administration office in JCNT (Japan Citizen Network for TICAD). She made a report on activities of civil society organizations in both Japan and Africa in line with TICAD VI including participation in meetings related to TICAD as well as other activities such as advocacy, policy proposals, and networking.

pp.8-11 "Reflecting on my TICAD VI experienceg by Willibroad Dze-Ngwa
(pp.8-9: Japanese version / pp.10-11 English original version)
The author, Vice President of the Civic Commission for Africa (CCfA), who attended TICAD VI as a representative of Cameroonfs civil society organizations, gave an account on how he came to grips with TICAD VI in Japan, Kenya and Cameroon. In addition, he pointed out issues African civil societies have been facing such as shortage of funds, lack of leadership, exploitations of lands, social exclusion, poor governance and so forth and brought forward his propositions on approaches for the solutions of these issues.

pp.12-13 gReport by a nursing student - what I felt about TICAD VI in Kenyah by KUBOTA Ayano
The author, a student studying nursing, sympathized the concept of Universal Health Coverage (UHC) and was not able to close her eyes to the gap in terms of health between Japan and Africa. She participated in TICAD VI representing Japan Youth Platform for Sustainability (JYPS). She related anecdotes she experienced during her first visit to Africa and the importance of eHot Heart, Cool Headf that she realized through her communication with young people from Kenya who attended TICAD VI.

pp.14-17 gHow to save wild African Grey Parrotsh by NISHIHARA Tomoaki
African grey parrot (erithacus erithacus) are endangered species and has been listed in the Red list of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). International commercial trade of wild African grey parrots was banned at the Conference of Parties of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora held in South Africa in 2016. However, due to their popularity as pets, wild African grey parrots are still frequently poached in Republic of Congo, and they are illegally exported to countries including Japan. The author, who is actively working at the conservation domain of tropical forest and biodiversity as a senior advisor to the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), an international NGO, points out poaching is a major cause of reduction of population of the bird, and explores practical measures to avoid their extinction, including individual registration system and conservation education using photobooks.

pp.18-19 gOn the spot in Africa; Cameroon - Letter from Yaoundé no.2h by DOTE Kanae
In her second article in the series gLetter from Yaoundéh, the author writes about her experiences of working at the Institut Panafricain pour le Développement/ Panafrican Institute for Development (IPD), a Pan-African NGO, such as never-ending meetings, and pagne dresses that female staffs received as Womenfs Day gifts.

pp.20-21 gMemories of SHIRAISHI Kenji in Zanzibarh by FUKAO Koichi
The author, a board member of the AJF, writes about his visit to Zanzibar, the place he had wanted to visit for a long time since he read SHIRAISHI Kenjifs book gKarayuki-san in Zanzibarh. The author recalls his friendship with late SHIRAISHI, who was known as an introducer of African movies and artworks to Japan.

pp.22-23 AKC relay essay 2; gJoined in AKCfs Summer Camph by ASO Rei
This is the second in the relay essay series by children who have participated in the African Kids Club (AKC) events. The author, who is in the fourth grade, writes about his experiences at the AKC summer camp in July 2016.

pp.23 gAKCfs Christmas Party in Decemberh by ENOMOTO Yuto

Back cover Postscript (eHitotsu no musubime to shitef in Japanese) and record of activities


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