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Africa NOW No.106

Issued on 31st October, 2016 by Africa Japan Forum (AJF)

pp.2-5 gStudying in Tokyo, building a prosperous community in Africah by Kinyua Laban Kithinji
(pp.2-3: Japanese version / pp.4-5: English original version)
Laban, who volunteered to introduce Kenya for African Kids Club at an event in 2015, now answers one of the most typical questions to students from foreign countries especially Africa: what triggered him to come to Japan far from his home coun- try. He also shares his college life and current research on poverty at Sophia University, as well as his ginvestmenth in Kenya to help young people stave o risks of drag and alcohol dependence.

pp.6-9 gHealth care and foreign aid in Africah by KAMIYA Yasuhiko
KAMIYA introduces his experience as a health care specialist in three di erent places (Northern Ghana, Western Kenya and Central Kenya). He also shared his views on foreign aid in health care sector.

pp.10-11 gJapan-Africa Childrenfs Book Project (JACBOP)h by SAKUMA Yumiko
SAKUMA introduces three main activities of the Japan-Africa Childrenfs Book Project (JACBOP), which has 100 mem- bers: (i) provide continuous supports for Dream Library launched in two locations in Kenya, (ii) deliver books for literacy educations and pleasure to kids in Africa and (iii) convey African culture and information about kids in Africa to kids in Japan.

pp.12-13 gIntroduction of modern Swahili novel eKichwamajifh by ONODA Fuko
ONODA introduces eKichwamajif, a modern Swahili novel written by Euphrase Kezilahabi. She touches upon personal history and previous works of the author then represents the story and a couple of key themes of the novel eKichwamaji,f which are sexually-transmitted diseases and hydrocephalus.

pp.14-15 gReading a book eDisability and development in Africafh by SUZUKI Yoichi
SUZUKI puts comments on a book gDisability and development in Africah which is compilation of theses on the govern- mental policy for people with disabilities and various undertakings initiated by disabled people themselves in African coun- tries. He said he was inspired by the slogan gNothing About Us Without USh which he believed is applicable to the modern society in Japan.

pp.16-17 On the spot in Africa - NIGERIA: gMemories of life with sisters at Catholic Center in Onit- shah by KAWADA Kaoru
KAWADA describes her visit to the Catholic Center in Onitsha, Southwest Nigeria. A er a brief on the situation of sisters at the center, she narrates her experience working as a volunteer at an evacuation site for victims of ood of Niger River. In her narration, she recounts the situation of pregnant women in the site and the doctorfs activities for them.

pp.18-19 AKC relay essay: gMy style, my lifeh by TAMURA Bright Manfred Teru
African Kids Club(AKC), initiated ten years ago, is now full of activities including a summer camp and a charity futsal event. is relay essay is for kids of AKC an opportunity to express their opinions freely. In this issue, TAMURA shares his life at school, his hobby and future plan.

Back cover Postscript (eHitotsu no musubime to shitef in Japanese) and record of activities


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