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Africa NOW No.103

Issued on September 30, 2015 by Africa Japan Forum (AJF)

Topic: TICAD VI Kenya 2016 has been fixed

This issue of gAfrica NOWh focuses on the TICAD VI in Kenya and Japan Citizenfs Network for TICAD. What is the significance that the TICAD VI will be held in Africa for the first time in the history of TICAD since its beginning, and why did the Japanese Government agree with African Union in holding the TICAD VI in Africa? We seek the answers in the words at the Symposium held in Yokohama International Forum this February.

pp.2-4 eWhat will change TICAD and How? - Afri-Canfs challengesf by Africa NOW
Words at the Symposium gThe TICAD VI will come to Africa? - A new start of relations between Japan and Africah.

p. 5 eWhat is Japan Citizenfs Network for TICAD? Mission, Visions, and Organizationf
A new alliance of NGOs and citizens for TICAD started on 5th March, 2014. Its Mission, Visions, and Organization are explained.

pp.6-10 eOn the view of the self in the post-Cold War discourse on development and securityf by ENOMOTO Tamara
Based on her experiences as an activist for arms control, ENOMOTO searched into the views of the self in the post-Cold War discourse on development and security and wrote a doctoral dissertation. Her studies started in days at University of Tokyo under Prof. Endo. Led by Endofs words, she was attracted by African history and efforts for peace building. In this essay, she writes experiences in North Uganda that made her have doubts of the main-stream discourse on Restorative Justice in post-conflict areas.

pp.15-17 'Report of the open workshop: Looking back the experiences of anti-apartheid movements in Japan' by MIYAMORI Mayuko
MIYAMORI, a student and youngest participant of the open workshop, writes that it was a surprise that many participants in the anti-apartheid movements also made actions against the Vietnam War, Hyakuri military air-base construction, and discrimination against Koreans living in Japan etc.

p.11 eSome works of ENOMOTO Tamaraf

pp.12-13 eTransforming Guns into Hoesf - Supporting the development in Mozambiquef by TAKEUCHI Yoshiko
70 years since the end of the World War II, 40 years since Mozambiquefs Independence from Portugal, 20 years since the start of eTransforming Guns into Hoesf and 10 years since the foundation of Ehime Global Network have made nowadays relations between Japan and Mozambique. TAKEUCHI features a unique effort of eTransforming Guns into Artf and its effects. 2 years ago, National Museum of Ethnology held an exhibition gTransforming Guns into Art: Peace building in Mozambiqueh. It makes a way to another exhibition at Tokyo University of Arts this October.

p.14 eTribute to late Mr. August Mafigof by WATANABE Naoko
Mr. August Mafigo, president of National Farmersf Union of Mozambique (UNAC), passed away on 5th August. During his lifetime, he came to Japan twice and called on the Japanese Government for the suspending the ProSAVANA program. When he passed away, WATANABE just arrived at Mozambique for meeting him and other leaders of UNAC. She expresses her sorrow at his death, and anger against promoters of ProSAVANA program.

pp.15-17 eThe distress of Burundi - Until the day for enjoying fruits of the democracyf by DUSABE Tomoka
DUSABE has a Burundian husband and longs for a new life in Burundi with him, but this May the president of the country announced he was running for third term and Burundi fell into a jumble. Violence started and many people took refuge in adjacent Rwanda. DUSABE had a plan to visit her husbandfs family but she had to give it up. She writes down her Burundian friendsf words and hope for calm and peaceful Burundi.

pp.18-19 eOn the spot in Africa, Nigeriaf by KAWADA Kaoru
KAWADA spent five months in Nigeria in 2012-2013. Then, as an intern of NGO for HIV prevention, she had talks with some NGO activists and had unforgettable experiences. In this column, she points out divide between Lagos and Onicha, and also womenfs situation in male-dominated Nigeria.

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