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Africa NOW No.101

Issued on January 31, 2015 by Africa Japan Forum (AJF)

Special Topic: Confronted with the epidemic of Ebola virus

Since the end of 2013, the wide spread outbreak of Ebola virus in Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia took many people's lives and caused serious social unrest there as well as in European countries, in USA, even in Japan. You could see many articles about Ebola virus diseases (EVD) epidemic in those countries on Japanese newspapers. What made the social unrest more severe was that we didnft have clear understanding of EVD. This issue of gAfrica NOWh gives up-to-date facts of EVD and the lessons from Nigerian fights against EVD.

pp.3 "Fact sheet of Ebola virus diseases"
Based on the information provided by the National Institute of Infectious Diseases (NIID).

pp.4-9 "Interview with NAKASA Tamotsu: Grasping the characteristics of Ebola virus for proper actions"
Dr. NAKASA Tamotsu, who belongs to National Center for Global Health and Medicine (NCGM) and has many experiences in disaster relief activities, gives you up-to-date facts of EVD and calls for dealing with the situation with a calm attitude.

pp.10-11 "Outbreaks of EVD in Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone and other countries"
Based on the information provided by the Quarantine Information Office of Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare Japan and World Health Organization (WHO).

pp.12-19 "Nigeria fights against the Ebola virus disease" by Dr. Sonny Uche Unigwe(Japanese)
As a specialist of infectious diseases in Nigeria, Dr. Sonny Uche Unigwe shows you what Nigerian government did in front of EVD, how Nigerian medical workers fought against EVD, how Nigerian leaders behaved before unrestful people. Nigeria's fight against EVD had a victory and gives us many lessons.

pp.20-23 "Nigeria fights against the Ebola virus disease" by Dr. Sonny Uche Unigwe(English)
Summary of the original speech.

Back cover To readers ("Hitotsu no musubime toshite" in Japanese) and Daily Information from the secretariat of AJF to readers.

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